Mash Motors launches new E-City 2.0 & 4.0 electric scooters

Mash Motors has launched two new electric scooters, featuring shared architecture but different performance, with the E-City 2.0 and E-City 4.0.

Mash E-City 2.0 white. - Mash Motors

Mash Motors has expanded its range, and is now making electric scooters. Its first model, the E-City, is available in two variants.

Earlier this year we wrote about a new scrambler-style motorcycle from Mash, but they have now gone in the electric direction by expanding their scooter range which previously consisted solely of 50cc combustion models.

The new E-City electric scooter features a neo-retro aesthetic and a mix of colour options across its two technical variants. First, we have the E-City 2.0, which is a 50cc-equivalent, and then there is the E-City 4.0, a 125cc-equivalent.

The ‘2.0’ and ‘4.0’ refer to the power output in kilowatts of the motor of each scooter. The 2.0 produced 2.03kW, and the 4.0 produces 4kW. The 4.0 also features dual removable batteries weighing 11.5kg, while the 2.0 features only one removable battery of 1.38kWh that weighs 10kg. The 4.0s dual batteries give a combined capacity of 3.84kWh. Each battery, for both the 4.0 and 2.0, takes 4.5 hours to charge.

With different motors producing different amounts of power, it is reasonable to expect different top speeds, and it is the case. The 4.0 can reach 75kph (46mph) while the 2.0 tops out at 45kph (28mph). 

Aside from the elements that define these scooters as electric, they are mostly identical. They both feature 12-inch wheels; three riding modes (Eco, Sport, Sport+); a range of over 100km (up to 140km in the case of the 4.0); disc brakes front and rear; a two-seater layout; and a USB port. 

The colours available for the Mash E-City 2.0 are white, grey, and green; while the Mash E-City 4.0 is available in white or blue.

Currently, Mash does not market its scooter range in the UK, but with the presence of its motorcycle range here it is not impossible that the E-City pair could make their way over in the future. 

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