Leaked Honda NX renders indicate both 200cc and 500cc versions for 2023

Renders have been leaked of a Honda NX, but not of the 500 we reported on previously; rather, a smaller version is also on the cards.

Honda NX 200 render. - Motorcycle.com

RENDERS of a possible Honda NX 200 have been leaked, and offer a look at what the NX 500 might look like, too.

We reported a few days ago that Honda is planning an NX 500, rebirthing the “NX” range 23 years after the old NX 650 Dominator was discontinued. 

Renders of a smaller NX have now emerged, and reported on by Motorcycle.com, who suggest they could be of a prospective NX 200. 

Of course, when the NX 650 was around back in the 1990s, it was accompanied by a smaller, 250cc version, too. In this sense, Honda looks to be replicating their roster of the past with what might be described as an ‘entry level’ NX, in addition to the 500. 

While the NX 500 is expected to use the 471cc engine that Honda already puts to use in the CMX 500 Rebel and CB500X, and is expected to use in the anticipated CL 500, the NX 200 is expected to make use of hardware from the CB200X which is already marketed in India. 

The renders published by Motorcycle.com show many off-road oriented details - such as hand guards, under-tail exhaust and bash plate - implying that the un-treaded tyres in the renders are just temporary. 

Since the two CBXs make use of similar architecture and styling, it is possible to extrapolate that to the proposed NXs. Therefore, from the NX 200 renders, it is possible to conclude that a similar design will be given to the NX 500. 

Motorcycle.com anticipates that, although there are no timeline details on the anticipated NX range from Honda, we might expect to see them in 2023.

Images courtesy of Motorcycle.com.