Langen Two Stroke gains Euro 5 certification! Here's how!

Who said two-strokes were dead?! The Langen Two Stroke proves that smokers can live on into Euro 5 and beyond!

Langen Two Stroke

FOR many bikers, the golden age of two-stroke motorcycles is rose-tinted past, sadly killed over by ever-more stringent emissions regulations. But that may not be totally true, as the Langen Two Stroke has just gained Euro 5 certification, making us ask the question – why aren’t there more of them!?

It’s actually really no surprise that Vins, the company behind the Langen’s Duecinquanta-derived engine has been given the nod for road use. For starters, the engine is almost GP spec in its design and manufacturing. The engine features counter-rotating crankshafts for adder cornering performance, but more importantly, for emissions, is fed by a trick direct fuel injection system.

The whole idea behind the Vins project was, in fact, to see if the team of ex-Ferrari engineers behind the project could enable two-stroke architecture to live on in this age of strangled exhaust emissions.

The good news for Langen, and two-stroke fans the world over is that they can. For now at least, Two-stroke motorcycles have one last stand, but with extra development and funding – and as long as people buy them – we could see two-stokes living on past Euro 5 and beyond.

Langen Two Stroke dyno run

What is direct injection?

With direct injection, the injectors are in the cylinder head and spray fuel directly into the combustion chamber, mixing with the air charge in situ and being compressed and ignited in the normal way. The intake only supplies air to the combustion chamber with direct injection. The system can greatly improve combustion efficiency, increases fuel economy and lowers emissions, by using absolutely precise amounts of fuel for the task in hand. It’s a similar thesis to the doomed Bimota V Due, the bike that nearly busted Bimota. The thing about the Vins system, is that it actually works.

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