The Vins Duecinquanta is probably the coolest two-stroke around today

The Italian built Vins Duecinquanta track machine has started testing at the Almeria circuit and the specs of this thing are mind-blowing!

Vins Duecinquanta

YOU may not have heard of Vins Motors, the Maranello based outfit that is building the Duecinquanta, but once you’ve seen (and heard) this motorcycle – it’s hard not to be impressed!

Founded by two former Ferrari engineers, the bike is built around a carbon fibre chassis that makes use of innovative aerodynamics which, while not pretty, are claimed to make the featherweight machine as slippery as a 125cc GP bike.

Powering the bike is a 250cc (Duecinquanta in Italian means 250), electronically fuel-injected V-twin engine. In isolation, it’s a similar looking unit to the old Aprilia RS250 GP engine, although beneath the skin the two mills vary massively.

The Vins’ engine comes in two forms, 250cc for road, and 288cc for the competition version. The bike has double, contra-rotating crankshafts, 6-speed removable gearbox, servo-controlled exhaust valves, and a reinforced, custom-built clutch.

The machine puts out a claimed 85hp which may not sound much until you consider the bike’s weight which is just 80kg. “What it means is that in Duecinquanta everything comes instantly. You have instant power, instant throttle response, instant acceleration” said Vincenzo Mattia, CEO of the project.“I wondered what would a motorcycle look like if it had been light like a Lotus, designed like an airplane, and made like a Ferrari” he continued.

And the price for such a superlight, super-fast motorcycle? €40,000 for the road-going version and €50,000 for the race bike.

Time to get writing that Christmas list I guess!

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