Is the Land Moto District the stuff of American Electric Dreams?

The Land Moto District is the versatile, US-built electric motorcycle out of Cleveland, Ohio, for both the streets and the dirt.

Land Moto District.

THE US already dominates the four-wheeled electric scene with Tesla, and now Ohio's Land Moto is looking to get in on the two-wheeled market which already features America's LiveWire and Zero.

Land Moto is based out of Cleveland, Ohio in the US, and says that their bike, the District, is “A unique statement from a small, dedicated team [that] showcases our approach to vehicle design, craftsmanship and architecture.”

The District will feature, as standard, a 1.8kWh battery pack which will give a range of 30 miles, although it is possible to double up on the batteries for 3.6kWh. Also, the battery can be upgraded to a 5kWh battery which can give an 80-mile range. Whether choosing the 1.8kWh, or 5kWh, the batteries are swappable.

Its power, and the delivery of that power, will be adjustable through four riding modes: E Bike, E Moped, Power Eco, and Power Max.
In E Bike, the District will have a maximum speed of 27mph with a power output of 0.75kW; while in E Moped, the top speed rides to 37mph with just over 2kW. The difference between the two power modes is not specified, and according to Land Moto’s website, they will both see the District reach 65mph. 

The maximum power output of the bike will be 12kW, with 370Nm of torque, although most of that is unusable due to regulations. Still, that is some serious (potential) twisting power, especially on a bike that weighs 60kg on the kerb.

In terms of ergonomics, the District will have a 762mm (30-inch) seat height, and will be 1.87m long. Additionally, it will have a 170kg carrying capacity.

There are three versions of the District available: Standard, Street, and Scrambler. The Standard edition will cost $7800 (around £6000), and will be a 'bare bones' version, with no lights, indicators or even a display; it is designed to be "stripped downand ready to hoon," according to Land Moto. 

For the Street and Scamble versions, the price will start at $8100 for the Street an $8200 for the Scrambler, and they will feature the fenders, display, lights and indicators expected of a street-legal machine. The difference between the two is mostly the tyres, with the Scrambler featuring chunkier dirt tyres compared to the road-based tyres of the Street edition.

Full specifications of the District can be found here.