Peugeot take aim at the ADV350 with new adventure scooter plans

Peugeot looks set to challenge Honda and its ADV350 scooter as new plans for an adventure scooter from the French brand are unveiled.

Peugeot adventure scooter render.

Peugeot have published details of a new adventure scooter, one that could rival the class-leading Honda ADV350. 

Honda’s ADV350 is the scooter to have for those looking for a city commuter with off-road potential, but competition looks to be coming from France, and Peugeot. 

Peugeot have long been involved in the scooter market, and even branched into motorcycle racing a few years ago, taking victory with John McPhee on their re-badged Mahindra in a soaking Czech Grand Prix in 2016.

Additionally, Peugeot last year announced plans for their own motorcycle range, but this adventure scooter proposal does not seem to fit that mould. 

The images from Peugeot were reported by La Moto Argentina, and they show a high ground clearance and wheels with crossed-spokes. However, the shape of the exhaust could play against its “adventure” credentials.

La Moto Argentina reports that, “The engine and transmission are identical to those of Peugeot’s three-wheeled vehicle, the Metropolis 400i, so the performance is likely to be similar to that model; 35.6hp at 7,250rpm and 38.1Nm at 5,750rpm delivered by the single-cylinder “PowerMotion 400” engine mounted on the swingarm.”

The scooter will feature inverted front forks, with double front discs and, according to La Moto Argentina, radial callipers.

Details such as the weight and storage potential of the scooter remain unclear for now, but the model is clearly still in the developmental stage. Only once the full details are published officially by Peugeot will we be able to understand if this will truly be a competitor for the ADV350.

Images courtesy of La Moto Argentina.