Kymco set to expand in Europe, build new RevoNEX in Italy

Kymco will accelerate its plans to place more focus on the European market by moving production of the RevoNEX from Taiwan to Italy

Kymco RevoNEX

It is one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers and among the class leaders in the small displacement-scooter segment, but Kymco remains a relative minnow compared with the vast majority of its rivals on European soil.

That’s not the fault of the machinery itself, with the Taiwanese company eschewing the perhaps less than favourable trends set by companies based in the same Asian region by being good quality, attractive and excellent value.

Indeed, Kymco’s is getting more confident in its plans for the future, namley a shift into larger displacement machinery, which as a centrepiece will have intriguing RevoNEX electric sportsbike leading its charge. 


Going against the grain of most manufacturers, who hare mostly dabbling in electricity at the lower end of the market, the RevoNEX is not only Kymco’s first electric motorcycle, it’s also its first sportsbikes. Quite a debut.

More than that though, the RevoNEX features a gearbox - something it seems a lot of incoming bikes will end up reverting to - and a gimmicky but still charming choice of engine soundtracks to alleviate for the loss of that engine rumble.

We will have to wait until we can ride it before letting you if it works, but what we do know is it’ll - unexpectedly - originate from Italy, after Gwangyang (Kymco’s parent company) Chairman Ke SDhengfeng revealed a European production line in an effort to put the company in the heart of the market it wants to crack with its most ambitious model yet.

"I’m very pleased to announce that mass production of RevoNEX will be made for the first time in a planned unit in Europe, making it the first electric product to be manufactured for global circulation under the Taiwanese brand 'Made in Italy' by Kymco,"