KTM's 350cc Duke and sports bike confirmed

Leaked model plan proves true so far

KTM's 350cc Duke and sports bike confirmed

KTM has seemingly confirmed that it will launch the much-rumoured Duke 350 in 2013 followed by a Moto3-inspired 350cc sports single a year later.

Speaking at the launch of the new Duke 200 in India, KTM boss Stefan Pierer is reported to have mentioned the ongoing development of both machines.

The news ties in with a leaked photo from last year's North American KTM dealer conference, showing the firm's new model plan from 2012 to 2014. That plan clearly showed the Duke 350 as part of the 2013 range and the “Moto3 350” in 2014.

With those machines proving true, along with several other models that were on that document (the Freeride E and Freeride 350, for instance), there's got to be some serious credibility to the other machines mentioned on it. Most interesting being the 'Super Duke R 1290' planned for next year (along with an 'Adventure R 1090') and the 'Adventure 1290' due in 2014. While KTM's engine designations don't always perfectly match the motor's capacity (the current '690' is actually 654cc, while the '1190' is 1199cc) the 1290 name certainly suggests a capacity close to 1300cc, putting the Adventure and Super Duke beyond the 1200cc rivals from Ducati and BMW.

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