KTM announces new 690 Duke and 690 Duke R

Fifth generation 690 Duke gets host of technical updates for 2016

THIS is the fifth generation KTM 690 Duke, updated for 2016 with a range of technical changes, the biggest of which is a redesigned and refined engine.

The bike still comes in two variants – the standard 690 Duke and a higher-sepc R model. Both are powered by the same 690cc single-cylinder engine, which makes a claimed 73hp and 55 lb/ft torque, and a claimed 75hp in the 690 Duke R thanks to its Akrapovic end can. The engine now revs 1,000rpm higher than the previous model’s, which KTM claims makes its power delivery noticeably more uniform.

The major change in the engine is that intake camshaft now works as an additional balancer shaft to cut down vibrations. KTM says the intake and exhaust systems have been optimized for Euro4 compliance, making the LC4 engine the first KTM motor to comply with Euro4.

For 2016 the 690 Duke also gets a new set of triple clamps with 4mm less offset. Both bikes use WP suspension, with the shocks and forks on the R being fully adjustable. Both bikes also have a full colour TFT dash. 

The R has a few more extras too, such as KTM’s Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) system, lean angle sensitive traction control, cornering ABS and KTM’s Motor Slip Regulation system with supermoto mode. The 690 Duke R also gets a new seat with pillion cover, LED indicators and cosmetic differences to distinguish it from the standard 690.

The 690 Duke R has three ride modes as standard (sport, street and rain), which can be added to the standard bike with an optional ‘Track pack’, which also gives the standard bike the Motor Slip Regulation feature and traction control.

At the time of writing KTM hasn't announced a price for either bike. 

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