Kawasaki Z1 for 2018

1970s Z1-aping ‘Z900RS’ coming next year according to Japanese journos who know

Kawasaki Z1 for 2018

WHILE Yamaha has it’s XSR ‘Sport Heritage’ range, Kawasaki’s response to increasing demand for traditionally styled machines has been less than immediate.

But that’s about to change according to Japanese magazine AutoBy, which has an uncannily strong record with Kawasaki predications.  

The latest issue says next year will bring this Z900RS, based on the Z900 but with a large dose of retro styling intended to evoke the 1970s Z1, including fake engine fins for an air-cooled look.

There’s evidence of the bike beyond the magazine's mock-up images, too. Kawasaki trademarked the name Z900RS a while ago, which seems a pretty strong hint that there’s a bike in the pipeline that will carry that name.

Until now Kawasaki’s only offering for retro fans has been the genuinely traditional and recently-discontinued W800.

Given the market trend, it’s easy to see that a Z1-aping Z900RS could be a success, particularly if it’s priced somewhere near the stock Z900’s £8249.