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The Indian Pursuit takes the challenger platform increasing the spec and technology on almost every front


THE cat is out of the bag, the Indian Pursuit has landed, and it promises the most technologically advanced touring motorcycle Indian has ever produced.

Taking the already highly capable Challenger as its base, the Pursuit shares the PowerPlus engine, and its class-leading power, and adds in more comfort and touring amenities for what Indian describes as the ‘discerning rider’.

For true all-weather distance work, the Pursuit comes already equipped with a completely new fairing and protection package, that is highlighted by a taller screen and larger fairing elements. Upping the comfort comes in the form of plusher, larger rider and passenger seats – heating included. On the technology front, the infotainment is the same as before and works with Apple CarPlay and includes satnav, music, and bike diagnostics. The new model does feature the option of adding in electronically adjusted rear suspension, allowing the rider to tweak the pr-load on the fly.

The rear of the bike is dominated by what can only be described as a ginormous top-box. The expansive case and the two side panniers are capable of gobbling up more than 130-litres of kit, plenty for trip away for two people.

The sophistication of the bike continues with the chassis hardware, as premium spec Brembo calipers are used. It’s refreshing to see, as for too long American motorcycle brands would hide the spec of some chassis components, creating a little bit of mystery as to the quality. No mystery here, the Brembo monoblocks should do an ample job of hauling up the 121bhp machine.

The new Indian Pursuit is landing in six colour options, with the base model (standard black) coming in at £27,695, the top-spec colour in the range is Alumina Jade. That comes in at £29,095.

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