If 2021 is anything like 2020, we may all need a Ural Gear Up GEO!

The Ural Gear Up GEO us the perfect three-wheeled companion for riding-out the apocalypse in!


THE Russian stars of the world of ‘heavy sidecars’ have produced a new product, and the Ural Gear UP GEO looks like just the kind of bike we might need in 2021!

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As you’d expect, the bike is powered by an updated although still slightly archaic-looking boxer-twin, an engine that can trace its way back to the BMW R71 of the late 1930s. But don’t be fooled, old-school it may be, old hat it is not! The Gear Up GEO is probably the most trick motorcycle that Ural has produced, and you only have to look at the bikes running gear to see why!

Beneath the crude-looking exterior lies some top-spec components from some of the world’s best suppliers. For starters, the suspension is supplied by Nitron, a firm that supplies suspension parts for a host of two-wheeled motorsports including WSBK and the TT. Brembo brakes take up the sizable role of stopping the 330kg (gulp) machine. Even the exhaust for the Ural is provided by GPR and it's a bespoke system for the bike – it’s also noted “for off-road use only” meaning; we bet it sounds bloody nice!

Aside from the top-spec (aka expensive) kit are a host of touches and details to ensure that you, your Ural, and a couple of mates can get as far as possible from the Zombie hoard/global pandemic/nuclear war. It’s got USB jacks on the bars for your sat nav and phone, and a RotapaX jerry-can to stow some extra miles. Even the dazzle-camo paint scheme has been scientifically proven to be invisible to zombies, should you run into any… (I made that bit up.)

But seriously, this is one hardcore piece of three-wheeled fun, and if you want one, you’re going to have to get in quick. Units are limited to just 20 units worldwide. Although with a price tag of $26,999, there isn’t likely to be a lengthy queue!

For more info, head to: imz-ural.com

Ural Gear up GEO promo video