Husqvarna 901 Svartpilen spotted testing in Spain

A possible Husqvarna 901 Svartpilen for 2021 has been spotted undergoing testing in Spain, using the parallel-twin engine from the Duke range

Husqvarna 901 Svartpilen

A Husqvarna 901 Svartpilen (if that’s the name they settle on) has been caught on camera testing in Spain this week. Although we wouldn't bank on seeing the completed bike at EICMA next month.

The new machine looks to be using the same parallel-twin engine as the KTM Duke, the new model could be the 790 version of that, or more likely the recently rumoured 890cc version – as yet unreleased.

To look at, the new bike would be hard to tell apart from the current 701 Svartpilen, although the twin pipes, spoked wheels and high-level exhaust are the biggest clues that this is not the current machine.

As with any of these officially unofficial leaked videos, details are scarce, as is any information as to when we might see this machine in action. A couple of things we do know are we won’t see the completed bike at EICMA but we will see the concept for it. That gives us the clearest indication that this is a 2021 new model and not one that Husqvarna is hoping to shoehorn into the 2020 range.

Husqvarna 901 Svartpilen

If indeed this is KTM’s new 890cc unit is could be a real shot in the arm for the Svartpilen range, it’s not like the current single-cylinder thumper is bad in any way, quite the opposite. It’s a cracking little unit with bags of torque and it loves to rev like a big single really shouldn’t. But the 790cc engine (and the 890cc we expect) is a much more refined unit. More comfortable for cruising and probably with a bit better fuel economy.

We’ll be sniffing around the Husqvarna stand at EICMA to see if we can bring you some video footage of the concept machine, to see how close this test mule is to that – stay tuned.

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