Honda to release a new small capacity motorcycle

Honda has released a teaser image proclaiming the introduction of a new small capacity model

Honda Majesty teaser

HONDA has released a teaser image that seems to point to the announcement of an all-new small capacity machine.

The news comes after Honda India posted the image you can see above on its social media channels, advising fans to save the date of the 30th September for more information regarding the new model.

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While there is not much to tell us what the new model could be, there are some clues within that give us an idea as to what is going on.

The first notion is that Honda is going for Royal Enfield’s jugular in the highly lucrative Asian market, specifically with an all-new retro naked. It’s thought that the new machine could be going toe-to-toe with Royal Enfield, and its range of small capacity nakeds.

That hypothesis comes from an interview Honda India president and CEO, Atsushi Ogata had with the website MoneyControl. In it he confirms that Honda already sells large capacity units in the nation, but not many of what he calls an “India-oriented fun bike”. He goes onto confirm that it won’t be long before that particular question is answered.

The second notion is that Honda is about to launch an all-new Majesty scooter and this is, admittedly, the slightly less exciting of the two choices. The first thing that points to this is the regal nature of the image used, with its large crown motif dominating the image, accompanied by the words ‘Block your date. Bring the red carpets out. Get ready for a majestic launch.’ It goes onto read ‘Your Highness is arriving on 30th September 2020’

The thing is though, would Honda really go to all this trouble for a scooter, or is a newer, funkier, and all-around more exciting machine about to break cover…

Like you, we’ll have to wait until later this month to find out!