Honda CB500 range due to receive some updates for 2022

Uncovered EU paperwork shows a few tweaks in the pipeline for the CB500 range from Honda - including the CBR500R, CB500X and CB500F.

Honda CB500 range due to receive some updates for 2022

HONDA is due to update its A2 friendly CB500 range, as uncovered EU paperwork hints towards a few tweaks for the parallel-twin 500cc models. 

European type-approval documents have been filed for the 2022 CB500F, CBR500R & CB500X, and it seems they are all due a few updates. 

It doesn’t seem like a huge alteration of the easy-going formula is on the cards, but an evolution to the A2 rider’s tool of choice is coming. 

Although the 471cc parallel-twin motor appears to be entirely unchanged, with the unit still producing a manageable 47bhp and 43Nm of torque, some of the dimensions and weights point to a few minor changes elsewhere. 

Whilst the CB500F & CBR500R sit on the scales with the same wet weight, the CB500X appears to have put on a bit of timber in the form of an extra 2 kg or so. Chances are this is due to an increase to the 17.7L fuel tank.

Elsewhere, the listed dimensions have changed a touch - total width has gone up by about 5mm for the CB500X and CBR500R, with the CB500F up about 10mm. It’s thought this points to a wider handlebar. The length & height of the bikes stay the same.

Honda CB500 range to be updated for 2022

The major update on the cards for the 2022 CB500 range stems from the documents noting an additional disc up front, and as Cycle World explore, new brakes means new wheels & forks (as the current setup wouldn’t have room for the extra stopping power). An update to the front fork & wheel combo would also suggest changes to the rear shock. In for a penny in for a pound and all that.

With some updates to the chassis and dimensions on the way, we’re left in the dark about any other possible changes for now. 

So we're left to ponder; will the styling be updated? Can we expect a neo-sports CB500F? A baby Africa Twin 500? Middleweight CBR500R baby-blade? Sit tight, keep it Visordown, and we’ll let you know when we hear anything from Honda.

I'd love to see this one remade...

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