Hesketh: Details of new model coming soon

Hesketh to make their first motorcycle after a 30 year Hiatus

HESKETH says it will reveal details of a new model before the end of the year. 

It will be coined the 'Hesketh 24', 24 being the number of the former Dutch GP-winning car of James Hunt, who raced for the Hesketh team from 1973.

Little is currently known about the new Hesketh other than it will be of ‘High quality engineering and a uniquely British design’. A source tells us more information will be released next week.

New owner Paul Sleeman has also rehashed the company logo, which now looks slightly reminiscent of the Lotus John Player Special design.

Hesketh has produced three bikes in its time: The V1000, Vampire and Vortan. All use the same 90 degree V-twin, although the Vortan was bored-out from 992cc to 1100cc. Oh, and only one was ever made, hence you’ve probably never seen one. 

So, based on the marque's history, it wouldn’t be entirely mad to assume the ‘24’ will be a V-twin based naked bike.