Has Suzuki released the oddest EICMA motorcycle teaser to date?

Suzuki Motorcycles UK has recently posted a teaser video for a new motorcycle model set to be unveiled at the Milan Motorcycle Show. 

Suzuki teaser

As motorcycle teasers go, this one published by Suzuki motorcycles UK has to be one of the oddest. 

The cryptic video, which has received mixed reviews, begins with a man in a suit coming home from work and placing his watch on the table - as if to forget about time. In fact, for the smartly dressed man, it’s now Suzuki-time. 


The man then texts his friends, Henrik and Jochen, that he’ll see them soon on his new - as yet unknown - Suzuki motorcycle. 

After fishing in a lake with a female friend, awkwardly running down a gravel track; slow-mo jogging up some stairs; then finally resting outside a large [glamping styled] tent with a nice glass of vino, the video ends.

The only words to appear are: “EICMA, 5th November. World Premier” 

Because there was no actual imagery of a motorcycle, many people have been left scratching their heads. One person even commenting whether Suzuki was entering the mobile phone market. 

Jokes aside, we can hazard a guess as to what kind of new bike the firm is trying to allude to. 

With all the gimmicky slow-motion outdoorsy things going on in the video, we think a new adventure motorcycle is joining the Suzuki fleet. Will the new machine be based on the current V-Strom, you may ask? This is up for debate, but chances are it will be an entirely new adventure focused machine. 

Of course, without a new motorcycle being filmed for this teaser it’s hard to say exactly what will be revealed on the 5th of November. No worries though, as we’ll be first in line to see it at the Milan based Eicma show. 

Stay tuned.