Harley-Davidson patent drawings reveal bike design details

And yes, the Pan America is still as quirky looking as before!


IT WAS late summer last year when Harley-Davidson announced a raft of new metal that was due to land in the next couple of years. Well, now we have found some patent drawings that give a more detailed idea of what the new machines are going to be like.

Harley-Davidson Pan America

Probably the biggest news was the addition of an adventure tourer to the line-up in the form of the 1250cc Pan America. And good news for fans of the styling – it’s still the same.

What we can also see is the large looking V-Twin nestling in a twin-spar frame with what looks like an engine brace linking the rear cylinder to the headstock. The bike also includes some radiator crash bars, a decent sized (possibly adjustable) windscreen, and off-road style handguards. Front forks are conventional (right way up) cartridge items and a dual disc brake set-up finishes of the unusual looking front end

Moving to the back of the, we’re assuming that’s a chain drive as a belt off-road would be a bad choice! The Pan American does boast some sturdy looking pannier mounting points below the pillion seat, and those chunky sub-frame rails run right out to the back of the luggage rack.

One thing that’s clear from the drawings is that they are aiming all three bikes at the Asian market as the patent drawings of the bikes include a saree guard on both sides of the bike. For other markets, these won’t be present unless local laws dictate it.

The unnamed naked

It’s fair to assume that this is a model range that’ll run from 500 to 1250cc and is due to land at some point in 2020. From the pictures posted we can see the patents are very close to the original concept picture above. The low-slung exhaust, banana-shaped swing-arm and sit up and beg riding style all seem to be present.

This model is sporting chunky looking forks that could be the same 43mm units from the Street Rod, just re-tuned slightly. Adding to the bikes purposeful stance is the addition of a deep belly pan that partially covers the catalytic converter on the right-hand side.

The flatrack style cruiser

Looking like a Fat Bob that been on the Atkins Diet, this bike is actually the one I like the look of the most. The long flat tank that drops nicely into the seat works well, and while I wasn't a massive fan of the Fat Bob's styling, the front end on this looks pretty good. It’s no surprise this bike is the most pleasing to the eye, it’s the safe space where H-D’s design team are most comfortable.

When the pictures of the bikes appeared last summer one notable feature was the heavy duty swingarm, it gives a hint of the bikes power output, that remains in place and is joined on the left-hand side of the bike with dual, high-level silencers.

The single front disc is the only part of the bike that makes worry - a 200+kg bike, with a front tyre that fat and just one disc., really?

The new bikes are due to start hitting dealers from 2020 onwards.