Harley-Davidson Pan America pictured in finished form

The Harley-Davidson Pan America has been 'leaked' in these new photos and is reported to be getting launched early 2021

Harley-Davidson Pan America leaked photos

THE Harley-Davidson Pan America is the firm’s ambitious attempt to break away from the cruiser/tourer segment, allowing it to bound into the lucrative adventure motorcycle market.

And it’s a bike we’ve known about for some time, with the official website listing it as a ‘future model’ for some time, and it even graced the stage at EICMA in 2019.

Harley-Davidson Pan America

Harley-Davidson Pan America | Harley-Davidson Streetfighter | EICMA 2019 | Visordown

But with Harley going through a period of turmoil in recent months, and then a global pandemic gripping the motorcycle industry globally, even the idea of this bike getting launched seems far-fetched.

Although maybe not, as the news that Harley-Davidson is forging ahead with the new model has been confirmed with these allegedly leaked pictures from within Harley-Davidson. They do indeed seem to show a completed bike – and they also confirm it's set to land in 2021!

Firstly the images do show us a Pan America that looks to be in completed and road-ready form. ABS sensors are in place, along with ancillary wires and cables for the ignition system and fuel injection. The pictures also show the bikes TFT dash and switchgear, all looking very much the finished article. Does it look different from the bike we saw on the stage in Milan last year? Not that we can tell, although, given the amount of time the project has been going on for, it’s feasible that the bike on the stage at EICMA was pretty much finished anyway.

A fully kitted out Pan America with adventure spec luggage included

Harley-Davidson Pan America promo video

The images have been shared by Farrow Harley-Davidson in the US, a dealership that seems to have a big presence on the scene stateside. That all adds to the legitimacy of the pictures, and the claim that the Pan America will be getting launched in early 2021.

Whether that is a traditional launch as we know it, with journos flying out to sample the bike or a more localised affair with individual regions running small-scale events remains unclear.

One thing is for sure though, we’ll be following this story very closely.