First Ride: 2010 Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster

Visordown tests Triumph's new 2300cc musclebike

TRIUMPH HAVE just launched the new Rocket 3 Roadster. A pumped up, power-boosted version of the original Rocket 3 aimed at taking a chunk of the big-bore muscle bike market. Visordown sent along Ian Stewart to find out what the new bike had to offer.

"I rode the Suzuki B-King and new Yamaha V-Max earlier this year and can report that the Triumph compares favourably with these similarly niche bikes. The huge 2,294cc 3-cylinder engine delivers smooth drive from anywhere in the rev range and amazingly for a bike of these dimensions it actually handles pretty well, although don’t expect to be able to hustle through too many corners, as the Roadster’s ground clearance is pretty limited due to it being a cruiser/musclebike.

"The updates to the gearbox give a positive feel to the gear lever when shifting through the box, although clutchless upshifts feel decidedly jerky and rough.

"The new styling definitely makes the Roadster more of an aggressive machine, especially in matt black, and with the official aftermarket pipes on it has a real presence about it and will turn heads wherever it goes."

For the full launch report check out the next issue of Visordown magazine.