First Look: BMW R1200R 'Le Rider'

Panda Moto unveil the French take on BMW's Lo Rider

Panda Moto R1200R - not cheap but very funky

THE FRENCH have a knack for producing some stunning specials -like this modified BMW R1200R 'Le Rider' from Panda Moto.

The idea for the machine came from BMW's Lo Rider, unveiled at last year's Milan Show.

The most obvious modification, the chopped back rear end, reduces the bike's weight by a whopping 18 kg, meaning the Panda Moto R1200R tips the scales at 'just' 217kg.

Other modifications include lightweight wheels, altered steering geometry to quicken the bike's handling, Bering calipers, Ohlins suspension and a handcrafted exhaust.

Prices range between 18,000 - 24,000 euros according to the customer's exact requirements.