Felo FW-03 scooter is a retro off-road scooter from the future

The Felo FW-03 is an all-electric, lightweight urban commuter, with retro styling that is a nod to classic scoots like the Yamaha BWs


THERE was a time, long, long ago, when a young Toad Hancocks went along to the NEC Motorcycle Show and fell in love with the funky Yamaha BWs.

It had the colour scheme of one of those Campri ski jackets that were so on-trend, pressed steel wheels, and knobbly tyres. To an eight-year-old Toad, it was, quite literally the mutt’s nuts. Sadly I never got my day with a BWs, or the similarly styled Honda Cub EZ90 (as was pointed out by a keen-eyed reader!) for that matter. And now, I probably never will.

What I can do, well could if I lived in Hong Kong, is to get a go on what is likely to be the next best thing! It’s called the Felo FW-03 and is an all-electric, lightweight scooter. Let’s run down the essentials that meant the most to the mini-me that first fell in love at the NEC: Pressed steel wheels – check, knobblies – check, lurid paint – check, one-piece bodywork – check, twin headlights… twin headlights…? Okay, you can’t have it all, but as long as you look from the side, you can’t really tell.

Beneath that exterior skin is a lightweight and highly simple machine. It features a 5.5hp, 7lb-ft motor, and is powered by a 48V 30Ah Lithium Battery. Charging takes six to eight hours, and once fully charged it’ll power you up to 50mph and carry you around 60-miles (in off-road trim).

We’ve been trying to get a price quoted for the bike, and the only thing we can come across is the quoted amount of 18,800 Chinese Yen, which equates to around £2,250. Admittedly, you’d have to really want one to go through the process of getting one shipped over, but we (the eight year-old in all of us) can dream, right?

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