The Evoke 6061 promises 292-mile range and 15-mins recharge

The Evoke 6061 electric cruiser could be the electric motorcycle that changes the game thanks to the bike's range and recharge time

Evoke 6061

ASK any petrol head what prevents them from turning to electric power and they will generally hit on three main points: range, recharge time, and price. While the price for the latest electric motorcycle to hit the streets may still be a bitter pill to swallow, the rest of the Evoke 6061’s stats look much more appealing.

The bike is a refreshing take on the electric motorcycle with neat styling and an and a fairly conventional side profile. The narrow drag bars look like a fairly long stretch from the low seat, although the styling should appeal fans of low-slung American machines.

The business end of the bike is a 160bhp electric motor that is coupled to a monstrous 24.8 kWh battery, both outdoing the major players in the electric motorcycle game by some market. Top speed is claimed to be over 140mph too, making the stats on that front on a par with bikes like the Ducati Diavel and Triumph’s Rocket 3.

The biggest step forward with this machine though is the range and recharge time, with Evoke claiming 292 miles in the city and 165 miles on the highway. Better still, the machine is said to only need 15 minutes to take it from 0-80% if it’s plugged into a Level 3 DC fast-charging station.

Charging at home will take longer, but with the rollout of the government's EV transitions schemes, that is seeing more fast-charging stations cropping up across the country, it makes the Evoke a very real contender to conventional petrol-powered motorcycles.

One aspect of that will be a little harder to swallow is the price of the machine, it’s stated to be costing around $24,000 or around £19,000. That does make it on a par with both the Diavel and Rocket 3, although a fair chunk less than the competition from Energica and Harley-Davidson.