Erik Buell Racing 1190RS coming together

New picture gives us more insight into Buell's latest creation

ERIK Buell's drip-feed of information on the new Erik Buell Racing (don't call it a Buell) 1190RS road bike is continuing with another shot of the bike revealed on the firm's Facebook page today.

What can we tell from the shot? Not a huge amount. The chassis clearly follows the same theme as the 1125R and the existing 1190RR race bike, but loses the ungainly side-mounted radiators of the last road bike in favour of front mounted ones like the racer – which gives us hope that the styling will be less ungainly than the old 1125R. Beyond that it's a sea of carbon fibre and milled aluminium, demonstrating the fact this is a hand-built, low-volume machine rather than a direct replacement for the Buell road bikes of the past.

This shot seems to confirm that the bike will appear at Daytona Bike Week in March. There had been some speculation that Buell would bring it to the Indianapolis Dealer Expo this weekend, but it doesn't look like it's quite ready to be revealed yet...