New Goldwing next week? Maybe.

But probably not...

ACCORDING to Canadian website there will be news on Monday February 21 about Honda's Goldwing.

The site reckons that's when Honda might announce something about the next-generation machine, and points out that Honda Canada (and Honda America) don't currently list a 2011 Goldwing on their websites. Beyond that, production of the current Wing stopped back in 2009 when Honda closed down its Marysville, Ohio plant, and the next model will be built in the now-operational Kumamoto factory in Japan.

All quite convincing, but while Canada and America mightn't have a 2011 Goldwing, in Europe just such a bike is already listed – and it's the same as last year. And the year before. And the year before that.

It's quite possible that Honda North America will release some more 2011 models next week. It still hasn't shown the 2011 American colours for the VFR1200F, VFR800, Pan European and several other machines. However, all those bikes have already been shown in Europe, and are currently listed as 2011 models, along with the Goldwing. The chances are that the release on Monday will only be a new set of colours for the US and Canadian markets.

But if we're wrong we'll be bringing you all the details on the new Goldwing as soon as they're released.

Whatever happens in the immediate future, when Honda does get around to making an all-new Goldwing it should be something fairly spectacular.