Is the end in sight for the much-loved Honda CB1100?

Honda have tweeted a teaser image showing CB1100 EX and RS final edition models – is it the end of the air-cooled inline four?


THE Honda CB1100 could be winding down in 2022 as Honda shares a teaser image showing ‘Final Edition’ models of the CB1100 ES and RS.

Sadly, for the much-loved CB, its ageing air-cooled architecture seems unable to escape the grip of ever-tightening emissions regulations. Barely updated since 2014, Honda’s subsidiaries in Asia have been the first to share the news about the model.

The CB1100 RS in its new silver colour scheme 

For those hoping for an all-bells-and-whistles machine to really send the bike off with a bang, you might be disappointed. Honda Taiwan has shared some images of the bike in its market-specific trim. It looks like the CB1100 EX Final Edition will be available with new cast alloy wheels – as well as spoked – and some new colourways: a classic red and gloss black. The CB1100 RS Final Edition looks to be available in a matt denim colour and also a classic red option.

The CB1100 EX Final Edition in gloss black with new wheels

With no hard and fast details from Honda on the bike, we can only speculate as to the final spec of the machine. It’s highly unlikely that the engine will be updated for any improvements to performance, meaning there is probably the same 90bhp output on offer and 68lb-ft of torque.


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Pulling the plug on the bike sounds like a final decision from Honda, although that might not totally be true. Most of the noise from Asia is pointing to a hiatus for the model, in the same way that Suzuki paused the Hayabusa to allow it time to work around the Euro5 (and beyond) conundrum.

We’d expect to find out more cast-iron information about the Final Edition CB1100s at this year’s EICMA show in late November.