Damon Hypersport Pro figures reveal 200hp, 200mph top speed

The stylish new Damon Hypersport Pro electric sportsbike has just revealed eye-catching specs to go with that impressive tech

Damon Hypersport Pro

Performance and range figures for the new Damon Hypersport Pro electric sportsbike have been released following its CES launch and they’re likely to generate just as much buzz as the intriguing new machine’s impressive tech-laden features.

The Canadian start-up has its roots in developing safety-assisted technologies, such as radar, to be used on motorcycles from other manufacturers. However, limitations on integrating those features into existing packages prompted Damon to go ahead and create its own motorcycle to showcase the technology more effectively.

The result is the Hypersport Pro, which was teased before Christmas ahead of being unveiled in the metal at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where the eye-catching Ducati-inspired styling and dynamic stance really belie its youth in motorcycle design.

Its ambitions have already been laid out with features that include ‘Co-Pilot’ a 360-degree radar detection system that allows riders to get a full view of the road around them on a dashboard screen to ensure safe manoeuvrability and to better alert riders if a vehicle is getting too close through haptic vibrating handlebars and LED warning lights.

It is also being marketed as a fully adjustable motorbike to extend its versatility in and out of towns with moveable pegs, windscreen and seat to ensure you have the best ergonomics for your environment.

Damon Hypersport Pro performance specs

Having got the attention of those interested in the tech, now Damon have gone ahead and revealed what many motorcycling enthusiasts were waiting for – the performance specifications. And they don’t disappoint.

The Damon Hypersport Pro packs in a 20kW, liquid-cooled battery pack, which is a sizeable increase on that offered by Zero (14.4kW) and the Harley-Davidson LiveWire (15.5kW), though the recent uprated Energica Ego tops that at 21.5kW.

Even so, Damon has squeezed a 150kW of power from that battery, which equates to a 200hp machine on a par with the likes of the BMW S1000RR and Yamaha R1, with the firm also claiming it can hit 200mph top speed. It doesn’t give 0-60mph acceleration figures but given the drivetrain we can assume it’s eye-watering.

Remarkably, this still equates to some impressive range figures with 200 miles out on the highway, rising to 300 miles in urban areas.

Perhaps to be expected, prices are fairly steep for what will be a limited run production at $40,000 (approx. £31,000), making it a fair chunk more expensive than the LiveWire or Zero, even if the significantly better performance, range, tech and - to our eyes – design can arguably be justified in the premium over these models.

However, a standard Hypersport is reportedly on the way for $24,995, which would limit those benefits but bring it more into live with its rivals.