Concept Mondial Supersports sketch

An interesting look at what Mondial could produce

REMEMBER the Mondial Piega? Italian designer Giuseppe Leale does and his Supersports concept Mondial pays homage to the still-born exotic Piega.

The original Piega was the idea of Mondial's then owner Roberto Ziletti, who promised that 250 of the exotic machines would be made. Mondial's ties with Honda went back to the 1950s, when Soichiro's boys were being thrashed in 125cc racing by Mondial, which had won the first three world titles in the class. Mondial gave Honda a racebike, which was stripped and used as inspiration. Almost half a century later, the favour was returned and Honda agreed to Mondial using their SP-1 engine.

In the end, under 10 Piegas were produced before the company went pop. In 2006, the Monidal name was sold to a Turkish outfit, who now produce 125cc scooters and generic motorcycles under the brand's name.

However, designer Giuseppe Leale has produced this concept sketch of what a new Supersports Mondial could look like. The design leans on the old Piega's lines but it's hard to tell the engine Leale's penned the design around. It looks to us that the motor is a 675 Triumph triple, however it could be from Honda's latest CBR600RR.

Either way, while it's a nice looking motorcycle, it's unlikely to see production.