Chandrayaan-3 for the road! Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition Launched

In a kind of unofficial tribute to the Chandrayaan-3 moon mission, Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition is launched


WHILE much of the world is watching the Chandrayaan-3 moon landing, Indian electric motorcycle manufacturer Ultraviolette announces the F77 Space Edition.

The bike, limited to just 10 units, is said to utilise aerospace technology just like the Chandrayaan-3 module that is set to land on the moon as I type this report! It’s highlighted by a Cosmic White colour scheme, sporty and aggressive styling and graphics that ape those found on the Indian Space Agency’s moon lander.

The performance of the bike won’t be worrying NASA or setting any speed records, as the bike boasts around 40bhp, 100Nm of torque and a range of just over 300km or 186 miles. Its performance puts it in line with bikes like the recently announced 2024 KTM 390 Duke -  ideal for newer riders. Elsewhere the bike is fast-charging equipped and utilises a five-inch TFT display, multiple ride modes, Wi-Fi connectivity, Smartphone pairing, and navigation as standard. Not quite enough to power a space mission, but as the F77 is India’s first real electric performance bike, it’s not a bad-looking thing.

It is though quite a bit more than the stock F77s you can buy, and comes in at around £5,365 - that’s around £2,000 more for the Space Edition.

BREAKING Chandrayaan-3 lands safely on the moon!

And there we have it, just a short time after Russia failed to land on our closest neighbour, The Indian Chandrayaan-3 craft has had a soft touch down on the moon and can now begin the search for water among other things.

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