CFMoto launches six new motorcycles at Beijing International Motorcycle Show

The Beijing International Motorcycle Show was the location for CFMoto to launch six new motorcycle models, including an all-new retro cruiser.

CFMoto @ 2023 Beijing International Motorcycle Show

Six new motorcycle models were unveiled by CFMoto at the recent Beijing International Motorcycle Show in the Chinese capital.

The new motorcycles revealed by CFMoto in Beijing included the 2023 1250TR-G, 800MT Explore Edition, XO Papio Trail, 450 SR S, 450NK, and 450CL-C. Only the latter, the 450CL-C, represents the beginning of a new model line from CFMoto (in this case a ‘classic cruiser’ line), while the others are additions to existing ranges. 

Details on each of the bikes are not totally complete, but there is some information.

2023 CFMoto 1250TR-G

CFMoto says the 1250TR-G, “boasts cutting-edge mechanical features, a fully equipped electronic control system, and CFMoto Ride,” in a press release. (CFMoto Ride is described by CFMoto as its “comprehensive intelligent platform.”) 

CFMoto 800MT Explore Edition

As for the 800MT Explore Edition, CFMoto announced the bike earlier this year, but Beijing was the site of its first public display. The manufacturer says the bike evolves from the standard 800MT with a “dual” traction control system which has been developed by the Chinese manufacturer in conjunction with Bosch. CFMoto Ride is featured here, again, and the Explore Edition features six riding modes. Additional features on the 800MT include Michelin Aniken Adventure tyres, and eight-inch dashboard screen, and a “radar detection system” (RDS).

CFMoto XO Papio Trail

The CFMoto XO Papio Trail is essentially what you would expect, which is an evolution of the standard XO Papio designed to be more capable off-road. CFMoto says the XO Papio Trail “provides a unique style option for beginners and female riders.” To make it more suitable for off-road scenarios, the handlebars have been raised by 43mm, and the front mudguard by 132mm. There are also fork guards and the position of the exhaust has been raised.

CFMoto 450SR S

Middleweight sports bikes continue to grow in popularity, and CFMoto’s entry to the market, the 450SR, has now been updated with a single-sided swingarm which features on the new CFMoto 450SR S. There are also “enhanced safety features, and advanced technology,” CFMoto says, on the 450SR S. More specifically, the exhaust has been redesigned, which CFMoto says “makes nice sound waves,” and there are aerodynamic wings on the front of the bike; while the front brake disc is increased to 240mm and gets two pistons on its calliper, and the front forks are adjustable.

CFMoto 450NK

The 450SR also finds familiarity in two of the other bikes launched by CFMoto in Beijing, namely the 450NK and 450CL-C. The former is an expansion of the existing ‘NK’ line, which so far holds a 250, 300, 400, 650, and 800. The 450 slots into the middle of the middle of that range, and is the third model in the range to use the ‘second generation’ styling, after the 650 and 800. There is also front and rear ABS, traction control as standard, 37mm front forks, a 320mm front disc with radial calliper, and semi-slick tyres.

CFMoto 450CL-C

As for the 450CL-C, the bike opens a new ‘classic cruiser’ range for CFMoto, and comes in two versions - a single-seat and double-seat. The single-seat version follows ‘bobber’ styling cues, while the double-seat is a more traditional ‘cruiser’ style.

It is not yet clear when the new motorcycles will arrive in dealers, or which - if any - will arrive in European markets.

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