CFMoto launches new 800MT Explore Edition

CFMoto has announced a new Explore Edition of the 800MT, based on the 800MT Touring variant which was launched last year.

CFMoto 800MT Explore Edition

CFMoto has launched an updated version of the 800MT adventure touring bike, named 800MT Explore Edition.

The new CFMoto 800MT Explore Edition uses, unsurprisingly, the base provided by the standard CFMoto 800MT which launched last year in two versions: Sport and Touring.

Added to that base, which specifically is the 800MT Touring (as you can tell from the spoked wheels, rather than the Sport's alloys), are Michelin tyres (the model is not specified by CFMoto but from appearance they seem to be Anakee Adventure), revised traction control, an eight-inch MMI display, and an RDS rear radar. 

There are new paint options, “Gem Black” and “Starry White”, but other than that, the Explore Edition is identical to the Touring. 

That means a dry weight of 231kg, a 19-litre fuel tank, J.Juan brakes (dual 320mm discs at the front, single 260mm disc at the back) with ABS, and 67kW (90 horsepower) and 75Nm from the 799cc twin-cylinder engine. 

The price for the CFMoto 800MT Explore Edition is not yet known, and neither is its expected availability. The small amount of technical additions on the Explore Edition of the CFMoto 800MT means it should be considered that the price will not be a large increase over the Touring and Sport versions. At the same time, it seems somewhat odd to launch an entire new variant of a motorcycle which has launched only in recent months, and which offers so few extras compared to the model from which it is derived.

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