CCM Blackout turns Black Widow movie role into production roll-out

If the CCM Blackout is good enough for Black Widow in her big budget Marvel flick, then it's certainly going to be good enough for us...

CCM Spitfire Blackout

It may have lost out to Triumph in the race to be featured in the upcoming James Bond instalment No Time To Die, but CCM may well get the last laugh after instead landing a starring role in another anticipated box office smash, Black Widow.

The film is the latest spin-off in the huge, popular and intertwined Marvel Universe (though someone will need to explain the latter to me…) which sees Avenger Natasha Romanov (aka. Black Widow) get her own thread with Scarlett Johansson reprising her character in the titular role. In short, CCM is in Hollywood, baby!

As such, it’s been a big coup for CCM to get in the mix with a tweaked Spitfire fit for an Avenger set to make its big screen debut. In honour of this, the limited edition CCM Spitfire Blackout has been launched for all your superhero desires.

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Quite obviously, black is the overriding theme with a polished, hand-painted finish and a more rugged design, plus carbon-fibre on the headlight cowls and fuel tank, plus red anodised parts including the yokes and triple clamps. All while of course retaining the original’s familiar silhouette and classic finish around a 600cc engine.

Supplying six Spitfires to producers, we have no doubt Johansson will look the part on the CCM though it was actually Sarah Lezito performing the stunts.

Not to be outdone, CCM even have a sly little dig at Triumph for getting the nod on the set of the latest Bond movie, pointing out its robust and nimble Spitfires barely needed to be modified.

“Within a few short weeks of receiving the disappointing news about the Bond movie, a call came in inviting CCM to supply a bike for testing by the stunt team for a big budget movie.

“The bike was subjected to extreme punishment on their off-road testing ground, flying up obstacles and over table-top jumps; the bike performed so well straight off the line that the team felt able to use the standard production CCM bikes in all of the stunt sequences rather than their usual lookalike dirtbikes.”

The CCM Spitfire Blackout is priced at £8995 for the base model, with optional extras coming in suitably lavishly titled Action, Hero and Legend packs.