Buell 1190 Baja Desert Racer set for 2023 delivery

The bonkers Buell 1190 Baja Desert Racer boasts 175bhp and is being slated for delivery in 2023

1190 Baja racing across the desert

DIRT bikes don’t get much crazier than the 175bhp Buell 1190 Baja Desert Racer. The bike is based on Buell’s own AMA Hill Climb racer 1190HCR, although it is now thought customers brave enough to buy will be able to sample the machine themselves in 2023.

Potential customers have the ability to reserve the bike through the Buell website, and for just $25 down, they’ll even receive a limited-edition hat for their trouble! Alongside the Baja, riders can also bookmark the unusual-looking Super Touring, Hammerhead sports bike, and naked 1190 SX over the firm’s website.

By far the most unusual machine of the lot though has to be the Baja, not only because it’s a departure from Buell’s road-oriented past, but also because of its stratospheric performance potential. Powered by an 1190cc 72-degree V-twin, the Baja is touted to have 175bhp and a stump-pulling 102lb-ft of torque. And while it is no featherweight when compared to a convention enduro motorcycle, its claimed 172kg weight puts it well below that of a high-powered adventure bike.

Obviously, this is a bike that would prove to be a bit of a handful at your local dirt track though, and it is much better suited to hammering across the desert and bouncing across sand dunes. To help it cope with that type of riding, the Baja is built around an all-new trellis frame, with 26.75-degrees of rake and a mammoth adjustable swing arm that allows a wheelbase between 1,625mm and 1,778mm!

Buell 1190 Baja Desert Racer price

The listed price on the Buell website for the new Baja starts at $19,995, which actually makes it sound like quite a significant amount of motorcycle for your money. Sadly though, there is no confirmation that the bike can be shipped to the UK, although you’d have to assume if a UK-based off-road legend (nutter) wanted one badly enough, Buell would happily oblige!

More information on the Buell 1190 Baja can be found on the official website.

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