Brixton Motorcycles showcase 2022 model lineup - Cromwell 1200 & Crossfire 125!

Austrian backed and Chinese built, we get a first look at the Brixton Motorcycles Cromwell 1200 and Crossfire 125 due for 2022. 

Brixton Cromwell 1200 and 2022 range

It feels like Brixton Motorcycles has been on the brink of releasing models with its first foray into the large capacity sector for quite some time - or perhaps that’s just me. With a British name, Austrian KSR Group backing, and built in a Chinese Gaojin factory - the future of this classically styled motorcycle brand seems fairly bright. 

There’s a vast number of bikes on the Brixton website to view, ranging from stylish 125cc learner-ready machines all the way up to the Cromwell 1222cc twin-cylinder (that was clearly heavily inspired by the Triumph Speed Twin and Bonneville range). 

Due to land in dealers from the first half of 2022, with a pencilled-in date of February, the Brixton range is typically more well-known in mainland Europe with its small capacity offerings - the Cromwell 1200 could be one of the first to change that. 

A quick scan over the spec sheet of the Cromwell reveals that it’s a 1222cc water-cooled twin-cylinder powering the bike (as seen in renders), with around 80 bhp @ 8500 rpm and 108 Nm / 80 lb-ft of torque @ 3500 rpm. Stopping power is provided by twin 310mm Nissin disc brakes up front, mounted to 18” front & 17” rear wheels, with a rear 260mm disc & ABS. Plus KYB shock absorbers, and a TFT screen.

It’ll have an 800mm seat, 16-litre tank and weighs in at around 235 kg (in running order). Top speed is noted at 198 km/h (123 mph) with a ride-by-wire throttle, 6-speed‘ box and two rider modes (eco & sport). 

Price is yet to be confirmed, but will no doubt be right around the corner and in time for an EICMA reveal. It’ll also be joined by the Crossfire 125 & 500 models, which aim at the CBT/learner and A2 markets respectively. 

The Crossfire 125, seen above, will no doubt appeal to the 125cc market with it's retro appeal and to-the-limit CBT friendly stats. 

Are you tempted by the Brixton Motorcycles 2022 range?

Brixton’s hopes of success will all be pinned by the retail price, realistically, and it’s a delicate line to tread. If they price it well, the modern-retro market could well be tempted into a purchase that undercuts the Triumph - but that price will come hand-in-hand with the usual Chinese motorcycles rhetoric. 

We’ll have a snoop about at EICMA and find out what we can, but at face value these machines certainly look respectable. We just hope the reliability and ride-ability match the views!

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