British start-up announces Maeving, RM1 retro electric motorcycle

 Maeving, is a British-based start-up that is looking to offer two versions of its RM1 electrically powered retro motorcycle


THE name may not be familiar, but the styling of the bike is eerily reminiscent - to those of a certain age. The Maeving,​ RM1 is a classically styled retro that is going to arrive in two versions.

Available in two versions – when it hits the market – riders can either opt for 30mph or 45mph versions. While both aren’t really fit for the dual-carriageway, the RM1 is being touted as the perfect bike for cool kids to buzz around the city.


The bike is powered by a Samsung battery pack that weighs in at about 11kg and  Maeving, is quoting a range of around 40-miles, although that’s heavily dependant on the riding style employed! For those looking for a quicker turn-around when it comes to recharging, the firm is offering early adopters the chance to bag a second battery for the bike at the price of £995, a saving of around £100 over its usual retail price.


With one battery included, the  Maeving, RM1 is being reported to be retailing for £4,995 and includes free delivery in the UK by a trained technician to help talk you through the finer details of the bike.

The description of the bike on the  Maeving, website states:

Engineered by a team responsible for some of Britain's greatest motorcycles, the Maeving RM1 has been designed for urban travel. It's hand-built in Coventry and uses a next-generation powertrain developed in collaboration with Bosch.

It is lightweight, manoeuvrable, and is powered by removable batteries that can be charged at any plug socket.

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