BMW's new 'Concept Link' scooter

Think scooter meets smartphone

BMW's new 'Concept Link' scooter

YOU'RE riding your motorcycle (or scooter) when suddenly you realise you don't know where your next appointment is. If only your motorcycle (or scooter) knew. 

No, we've never thought this either. But BMW Motorrad has never been one to let mere demand dictate innovation and so the German firm has just unveiled this, an electric scooter concept that 'keeps the rider connected while riding, thereby expanding his mobile world by providing him with new opportunities'.

See, you want it now, don't you?

Called the 'Concept Link', it 'knows what’s in the rider’s calendar and therefore his next destinations. As a result it can plan the fastest or most scenic route and even select the most suitable music if required,' according to BMW.

Distracting? Apparently not. The press release goes on: 'The focus is also on being able to enjoy the riding experience without any distractions. The classic instrument cluster has been dropped. Instead speed, navigation and battery information is projected onto the windshield directly into the rider’s field of vision. Secondary information is displayed on the large-surface panel, which matches the design perfectly and is located below the handlebars. The panel enables a large number of possible ways of interacting with the outside world and for communicating with other vehicles.'

A scooter enabling the rider to interact with the outside world? Who could have imagined it?

The release adds: 'The touch sensitive surface of the large-size panel displays and controls extensive infotainment, connectivity and routing information. Freely programmable, touch-enabled buttons on the handlebars allow the rider to access preferred and frequently used functions without having to remove his hands from the handlebars.'

Other innovations include a reverse gear and a lengthways adjustable seat. 

It's been unveiled at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, the exclusive vintage car competition in northern Italy, and BMW has a habit of turning concepts into production models, so you never know. 

Much as we enjoy a bit of mickey-taking, we like the look of it, and innovation is the mother of necessity (or something like that) so good on 'em.