This wooden motorcycle runs on algae oil

Dutch pair get back to nature with pond scum-powered wooden bike

TWO DESIGNERS from the Netherlands have created a wooden motorcycle powered by an engine that runs on algae oil.

Deisnger Ritsert Mans and scientist Peter Mooji are the two guys behind the bike, which has been built as an exercise to demonstrate how algae could be better utilized in the future, and make algae oil appeal to the imagination.

The pair have written a book called The Thick Algae (or De Dikke Alg, in the their native Dutch) and their wooden algae bike has been made to accompany the book.

As the designer, Mans built the bike and Mooji grew the algae and turned it in to fuel. The futuristic-looking bike, which has a wooden chassis and sing-sided swingarm and fork, runs and has been tested by the pair on a beach.