BMW HP4: Officially official

You heard it here last week. Now BMW confirm S1000RR with launch control and electronic suspension. Luddites, look away now.

LAST week we reported on the rumour that BMW were going to launch a higher-spec S1000RR, the BMW HP4. Now they've confirmed it.

What's new? Well apart from the graphics and HP4 badging there's electronic suspension control as standard, launch control, revised seven-setting traction control, the titanium Akrapovic exhaust you see in the pictures, improved brakes and forged wheels. Power is said to be unchanged at 193bhp, which begs a question about exactly what that Akrapovic exhaust is doing although it, along with the wheels, does contribute to an 8.8kg reduction in weight. BMW claim it is down to 199.2kg with a 90% full tank.

We're not quite sure why but the HP4, unlike the RR, provides the full output of 193 bhp at 13,000 rpm in all modes - "Rain", "Sport", "Race" and "Slick" - with an identical throttle curve and thus the same response. No more wobbling home in the rain in relative comfort.

The HP4 also claims to have IDM-developed ABS brake setup with in Slick mode, it also uses a 200/55/17 rear tyre as is the control size World Superbike Superstock 1000 class. It's the first BMW fifted with launch control.

The HP4 can also be bought in Competition Package spec, which adds various carbon goodies and HP-branded rearsets and levers.

A summary of the HP4 technical highlights:

  • Fork bridge with engraved number and HP4 logo.
  • Lightest 1000 supersports bike with four cylinders: 199 kg
    (90% DIN unladen weight).
  • Innovative suspension with Dynamic Damping Control DDC.
  • Race ABS with IDM setting.
  • Dynamic Traction Control DTC with fine adjustment in "Slick" mode.
  • Launch Control.
  • Adapted wheelie detection.
  • New rear wheel tyres, 200/55 ZR 17.
  • Shift assistant as standard.
  • Light titanium exhaust system with controlled acoustic valve and interference pipe.
  • Forged light alloy wheels, anodised in black.
  • Radial monoblock brake calipers by Brembo with special brake pads.
  • 9x floating brake discs at front.
  • Extended, dual-section engine spoiler.
  • Seat in monoposto look with passenger seat cover.
  • LED turn indicators.
  • Tinted windshield.
  • Lighter 7 Ah battery.
  • Performance-oriented engine set-up.
  • Increased torque in the medium engine speed range.

 HP4 with Competition Package:

  • Long, closed engine spoiler made of carbon.
  • Sponsor sticker kit included.
  • Wheels in Racing blue metallic.
  • HP Carbon badge carrier.
  • HP Carbon tank cover.
  • HP brake lever, hinged.
  • HP clutch lever, hinged.
  • HP rider footrest system, adjustable.

BMW say it's going to be available at the end of the year. Although BMW wouldn't give us a UK price, we we put £20,000 to them which was met with a sharp intake of breath. Eventually they conceded that they expected it to be around £17,000.