Aprilia RS660 breaks cover in first official video

See and hear the Aprilia RS660 for the first time officially as the new promo for the machine breaks cover

Aprilia RS660 Promo Video

THE Aprilia RS660 has since it’s unveiling as a concept in 2018, been one of the big news stories from the Noale factory in recent years.

Not only could the bike herald a new era for Aprilia, whereby unit construction could see a range of bikes using the power unit, but it could also be just the shot in the arm the supersports segment needs.

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And while teaser shots and impromptu sightings out on the road and at petrol stations have been aplenty – whether staged or not – until now, an official glimpse of the bike in action has been what we’ve all been really missing.

Although today that all changes, as Aprilia has officially released the promo video for the newly completed supersports challenger, and it looks just as good as we all hoped.

While there is little in the way of officially sanctioned stats to accompany the video, there are some little clues we can glean that tell us what kind of machine the RS660 will be. For one, the bike comes complete with a clear and concise looking TFT dash, with the riding modes and settings looking like they are adjusted by way of a four-button arrangement on the left handlebar.

Another interesting point is that the bars feature a slight rise to them, with the video showing them mounted around 20mm above the top yoke. This adds to the idea that the RS660 is (in this form anyway) more of a road bike than an out-and-out trackday weapon.

Aprilia RS660 official promo video

Another point that seems to add weight to the theory is the view from the cockpit, the screen looks to be fairly tall and wide, offering a fairly high level of protection for such a diminutive motorcycle.

The RS6600 was supposed to land this summer, although with COVID-19 restrictions in full effect across Europe that plan was obviously put on ice. We expect the bike to be landing with an official press riding launch either at the tail end of this year or the beginning of 2021.