2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT | Specs & walkaround video

Hidden away at a Yamaha press launch, we had a look around the tech-heavy 2021 Tracer 9 GT motorcycle (and got to start it up!)

Yamaha Tracer 9 GT 2021

TRACER 9 GT - it even sounds futuristic. Or is that just me? Well, either way, the new model from Yamaha is only a few days away from the official press launch, and we can’t wait to get a go on it.

We’ll let you know how it goes when we get to ride it (very soon) - but until then, we had a quick look at what makes this beauty tick, and thought you lot would love to see & hear about it!

New Yamaha Tracer 9 GT 2021 Walkaround | Visordown.com

Yamaha Tracer 9 GT - updated for 2021

First up, the styling is spot on, whilst other models in the Yamaha line up may get a raised eyebrow, this one looks sleek as anything. Near enough every panel has been looked at with the fairing being shaped up for 2021. LED lights all round, hidden headlights, and lean-angle sensitive cornering lights illuminate the road as you go, so getting past a 7 degree lean and the corresponding side will light up.

Down to the engine, the CP3 890cc motor has been fitted in at an increased angle, with a Crossplane crank allowing for 4% more torque, 5 more BHP, an increase of 43cc, and somehow coming out the other end weighing less than the previous edition. 

The swingarm is extended for greater stability at speed, the wheels are twin 17” SpinForged dreams, lighter and generating less inertia - it’s all about weight reduction, and the bike is 2kg lighter than before (not bad with all of these shiny new bits on, as well). Plus lighter wheels will allow the suspension to work much quicker!

Tech packed to the nines

Speaking of suspension... the Tracer 9 GT is genuinely stacked with tech. The KYB electronic suspension is semi-active, fully adjustable and hooked up to the 6-axis IMU - the first time on a Yamaha Sport Touring model, and first found on the R1M. 

To list but some of the tech on offer: 4 levels of Traction control, slide control, lift control with 3 intervention modes, ABS and brake control system, engine modes (with D mode), cruise control, and a solenoid at the rear that detects the amount of work the rear suspension is putting in, constantly feeding info to the IMU and adjusting damping accordingly. 

This is all adjusted through the split 3.5” TFT screens, with the left side showing the vital stats and rider-mode adjustments, and the right screen fully adjustable based on what you want to keep an eye on (fuel, odometer, trip etc). Would be nice if the right side could be a navigation screen!

Part of the GT pack is also a ‘floating carrier’ pannier system, big enough for a helmet in each (they say), and will soften vibrations and movements to keep your cargo balanced. Not forgetting the 10 step heated grips, 18-litre tank, and an up-and-down quick shifter. It’s a fairly adept tourer, put it that way. 

You’ll have to watch the video to hear it start, but no riding just yet… keep an eye out for our review (coming soon) to find out what it’s like on the road!