2021 Yamaha D’elight launched with Start & Stop technology

The Yamaha D’elight scooter has been announced with revised styling, an updated Euro5 Start & Stop engine and only 101kg wet weight

A scooter sits in a city square

THE Yamaha Blue Core range of scooters is gaining another updated model today, in the form of the 2021 Yamaha D’elight urban scooter.

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For 2021 the bike has been given an updated ‘unisex’ look (according to Yamaha!). We aren’t quite sure what counts as unisex, but it is definitely smarter and more modern than the outgoing model. The front end is highlighted by a revised and less retro-looing headlight, heavily revised indicators, and chrome flashes that run up the front leg-fairing.

Styling aside, the engine of the bike is the area that has seen the biggest updates, with the Euro5 certification being the most notable change. Next up is the inclusion of Yamaha’s Start & Stop technology, allowing the bike’s engine to cut out while sat stationary at traffic lights. Upon releasing the brakes and twisting the throttle again the engine will fire up allowing the rider to move off again.

Light by name and very light by nature, Yamaha has managed to re-style the bike and add the new Start & Stop technology and only marginally increase the bike’s weight. The 2021 D’elight is still one of the lightest weight scooters you can buy, coming in at a featherweight 101kg fuelled up and ready to go!

2021 Yamaha D’elight specs

  • 125cc EU5 Blue Core engine – increased fuel efficiency, cleaner running
  • Excellent fuel economy: Start & Stop on: 1.8 litres/100 km
  • Low CO² emissions: Start & Stop on: 42g/km
  • Fashionable and modern body design with universal appeal
  • Switchable on/o Start & Stop engine technology
  • Lightest weight in class ensures easy agility and fuss-free parking
  • Underseat storage space for everyday urban commuting convenience
  • New rounded headlight and larger LCD instruments with analogue speedo
  • 12-inch front wheel for agile handling
  • Flush fitting front ashers with cowl-mounted position lamp
  • New assist grip for easy parking
  • Can be ridden on a B-licence*