Watch: groom crashes motorcycle into bride at wedding

US trials champ Pat Smage shows how to have a wedding (apart from the crash)

WANT to find out if your wife-to-be really loves you before tying the knot. Here’s one way.

Simply putting the ring on his bride’s finger would have probably seemed a bit ordinary for nine-time US trials champion Pat Smage’s wedding. So instead he did it mid-stoppie.

Pat, 27, rode towards bride Hannah while doing a rolling stoppie, came to a halt inches from her and put the ring on her finger with his left hand before dropping the back wheel.

On the first attempt he wasn’t satisfied with the landing and told her: “We got to do better than that.”

But on the second go he didn’t do better, letting the bike shoot forward on landing and hit Hannah. A video posted on YouTube by Pat shows the front wheel strike one Hannah’s legs, knocking her over. It also looks as though she takes a wallop from the bars.

Instead of deciding that’s enough, Pat has one more go, and this time he manages to get the ring on her finger, land the back wheel perfectly and continue riding up and over an enormous rock.

That’s followed by Hannah doing normal wedding photo poses while Pat rides within inches of her doing more stunts. And the rest of the wedding doesn’t get any tamer.

Pat commented under the video: ‘Hannah and I got married! The wedding did not go without its challenges though. I crashed into her during our ceremony trying to put the ring on her finger while on my Sherco! Watch on to see her reaction... We also celebrated with some dancing, pump tracking, and a mechanical bull at the reception. It was a lot of fun and I hope you watch, laugh, and enjoy our special day.’

It must be true love.