2018 KTM Powerwear range arrives ahead of Christmas

That's our Christmas shopping shorted

2018 KTM Powerwear range arrives ahead of Christmas

KTM has launched its 2018 Powerwear range just in time for Christmas, with a wide selection of ‘Ready to Race’ clothing and accessories.

From a bottle opener to a balance bike, there’s something for every motorcycle fan in the 88-page catalogue, which is divided into categories of Style, Emphasis, Replica, Orange, Mechanic and Kini.

Our favourites have to be these MX boot styled wellies, which at £37.62 are available in UK sizes 6 - 11.5.

This racing watch is a pretty smart bet, too. At £84.18, it boasts a tough waterproof stainless-steel housing with rubber straps.

For the girls, KTM offers a £29.22 faded tee, and a smart, two-tone hoodie at £62.64.

And for the future motorcyclists, there’s the aforementioned balance bike, at £91.14 and a replica romper and pyjama sets, both of which cost £33.42.

Visit www.ktm.com to view the range.