Yamaha Motor Company quadruples full-year loss forecast

Surplus of workers due to economic downturn, says company spokeswoman

YAMAHA MOTOR COMPANY has recently quadrupled its forecast for a full-year loss due to the increasing effects of the global economic downturn, reports financial experts Bloomberg.

The company,  the world’s second-largest motorcycle maker, has a surplus work force of over 1,700 staff in Japan, Europe and the USA due to a drop in demand in the motorcycle market, a company spokeswoman said.

Yamaha is in talks to send employees to Nissan car plant in October to work for six months.

“We have surplus workers as a result of production-cuts, but we want to maintain the employment with the workers rather than slash them,” Satoko Ogawa, a Yamaha Motor spokeswoman, told Bloomberg.

The company had 48,933 workers as of March 31, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.