ULEZ 2021: Londoners considering a switch to electric ahead of zone expansion

Looking to get around looming ULEZ charges with an impending zone expansion, 72% of Londoners consider a swap to ‘eco-friendly’ vehicles.

super soco tc max wheels

Ahead of the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) expansion due to take place later this year, it appears Londoners are looking to swap to eco-friendly means of transport to swerve a £12.50 daily charge in a bigger area from the 25th of October 2021.

In a survey conducted each year since 2019 by BikeSure, 1000 Londoners were asked about their opinion on ULEZ, with 73.4% considering a switch to an electric vehicle as a result - with 13.5% willing to stick to petrol combustion engines. 

That’s as 83.4% will continue to drive or ride in the capital’s low-emissions zone after the expansion date, with 9.3% having intentions of swapping to electric scooters/mopeds and motorcycles (6.5% & 2.8% respectively). 

Meanwhile, public perception of the expanding ULEZ zone is shrinking - 40.3% of respondents felt it was a good idea, compared to 44.9% in 2020, with 37.5% approving of the ULEZ expansion but are frustrated by its impact on their lives, down on 43.2% surveyed in 2020.

Public transport prevails, and London is a famously well-connected city, but with a changing landscape of hybrid working dynamics (working from home and remote working on the rise) it may be that fewer Londoners will be commuting going forward. 

Others may consider the £5 million extra funding the scrappage scheme has received for those owners with non-compliant machines.

With ULEZ growing in size, are electric vehicles growing in popularity?

Electric scooters and light forms of transport, such as the popular Super Soco TC Max that we reviewed in the city earlier this year, will continue to grow in popularity as city commuters seek door-to-door eco-friendly transportation, with the obvious benefits of riding thrown in.

With a 2035 deadline looming for the sales of motorcycle/scooter combustion engines, electric power will continue to build a charge in cities - something that is reflected in impressive sales stats each month.

“After a tough start to the year for the motorcycle industry, it is encouraging to see a positive increase in those not just considering switching their form of transport to motorbikes, but also considering electric alternatives” says Rob Balls, Underwriting Manager at Bikesure. 

For the full survey results, check out the BikeSure blog

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