No more fossil fuels as of 2040? UK government decarbonisation of transport plan

UK Government releases the decarbonisation of transport plan with sights on banning fossil fuels by 2040, the days of combustion engines really are numbered

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IF you’re a huge fan of combustion engines - who’s kidding, I think we all are - you may be saddened to hear that their days really are numbered. The UK government & Department for Transport has released their Transport Decarbonisation Plan, and with it ushering in a new era of mobility.

Paramount to these plans is the deadline of 2040 for all new vehicles on UK roads to be entirely zero-emission - and subject to consultation, all new motorcycles and scooters to be fully zero-emission by 2035 or earlier.

In the next few years over £2.8 billion will be invested to support the transition to zero-emission vehicle technology by the UK gov; through incentives, charging infrastructure and R+D support. 

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Key to note at this point is the emphasis on ‘zero emission’ as opposed to ‘electric’. Alternatives such as hydrogen and synthetic fuels are still a possibility, subject to adequate results and investment.

What’s the decarbonisation plan all about?

Referred to as the ‘Green Plan’, the 220-page document released by the Department for Transport, outlines plans for zero-emission cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles (and everything in between) to be joined by a new L-category for powered light vehicles, including two, three and light four-wheelers.

The overarching idea is to get the UK as environmentally friendly as possible, with the government guiding change rather than reacting to it - in part initiated by the ‘Route to Tomorrow’s Journey’ document launched in 2019 by the MCIA.

Further, the MCIA has been chosen to jointly lead the conception and delivery of this new ‘Green Plan’ for motorcycles and powered light vehicles along with Zemo Partnership. 

Chief Executive of the MCIA Tony Campbell said:

“The government has today laid down a long overdue marker, signalling not the end but the start of our next chapter. We will as an association continue to hold the government to account on its promises during this vitally important next phase of implementation.

From being a clean and efficient way of getting around to generating industrial opportunities for the UK, we are thrilled to be working with Zemo Partnership in conceiving and delivering an action plan for PLVs fit for the future of our cities’ transport systems”

So with the rumblings of combustion engines getting quieter and the torque of electric power taking over, it’s time to enjoy what could be the last generation of Euro 5 petrol motors, as we prepare for a greener and more eco-friendly means of getting about.

We've ridden a few electric vehicles here at Visordown, and with the low to mid categories building a charge with numerous additions it's not long until every manufacturer shifts their focus to electricity. They're good fun, but admittedly a different feeling to combustion power.

Key hurdles will be distance and recharge times, but time and investment will breed more solutions.

Read more about the Decarbonisation plan on the MCIA website.