UK extreme sports company Arenacross in liquidation

A favourite with the fans at Motorcycle Live, UK-based extreme sports company Arenacross has gone into liquidation


ONE of the UK’s most famous extreme motorcycle events companies seems to succumb to the lack of live events, as Arenacross goes into liquidation.

The Arenacross shows were a staple part of the Motorcycle Live shows at the NEC, with fans cramming into the arena day in, day out to watch the riders seemingly skim the ceiling of the NEC.

It seems though that the last couple of years have hit the outfit hard, with this liquidation process beginning in 2021. The registered address of the firm is now that of the company handling the process of winding the company down.

The situation that Arenacross has gone through is just another reminder that companies and the staff that work for them cannot rely solely on virtual events and shows to survive. For many firms, having punters stepping in the door and taking a seat is the only way of generating revenue. And no number of virtual events (as Motorcycle Live did in 2020) will make up face-to-face contact with fans.

As it stands, the Arenacross website is still live, stating that 2021 dates will be announced soon. Bearing in mind we are now in 2022, it seems like this situation may have been a long time coming. The Arenacross Facebook page has also not been updated in December 2020!

Any motorcycle business going under is a sad situation, with real people behind the brand whose families rely on the income generated. Here’s hoping that we don’t see any more falling by the wayside in 2022.

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