Triumph performs better than ever in Italy with over 6,000 sales

Triumph has set itself a new record for the number of bikes sold in Italy, with the British firm passing 6,000 bikes sold in 12 months for the first time.

Triumph Trident 660

Outside of the UK, Triumph has enjoyed a record-breaking year for itself. In Italy, the British manufacturer has broken its record for the most bikes registered in one year. 

For the first time in its history, Triumph sold over 6,000 bikes in Italy. This happened in the last fiscal year, between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022. This compares to Triumph’s previous record in Italy of 5,749 bikes. This was back in 2008, 14 years ago, according to Motociclismo.

Additionally, the 6,088 bikes that Triumph sold in Italy over the last year is an increase of over 50% on the company’s 2019 sales. 2019 is of course an important year because it was the last one that was not Covid-affected. 

In one way, it could be said that Triumph has finally recovered its Italian presence after the 2008 financial crisis. On the other hand, it could be argued that Triumph has dealt with the Covid crisis extremely well, such that it has been able to rebound from the depths of a locked-down 2020 with better numbers than before that lockdown.

A great deal of the improvement in Triumph’s Italian sales is down to the expansion of its dealer network in the country. Over the last two years, Triumph has gone from 38 dealers to 48, and 17 new showrooms have been opened, according to Motociclismo.

The motorcycle that took the top spot for sales for Triumph was the Trident 660, which took 18% of the share. 17% went to the Tiger 900, while the Street Twin, Tiger Sport 660 and Street Triple 765 were also high-performers.

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