RST Launches New Airbag Project

RST has announced a new airbag project in partnership with In&Motion at the Isle of Man TT.

RST Airbag suit w Hutchy and Plater.

With RST being the first British brand to have their entire range tested and CE certified to the new stringent PREN 17092 guidelines, they are now starting an airbag project to take their kit to the next level.

The airbag project is made possible by RST’s partnership with In&Motion - experts in wearable airbag systems. And it’s In&Motion’s own airbag technology that will be integrated into RST garments in the future.

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With the TT in full swing, RST has successfully calculated a special “Road Racing” algorithm with their top factory riders, namely Ian Hutchinson and the travelling marshalls, whom have tested the tech throughout 2019. Such a demanding test demonstrates the impressive level of development that is going into the airbag kit, which will be available to road riders by March 2020.