Rieju acquires the ex-GasGas enduro platform

Spanish-based manufacturer Rieju now owns the GasGas EC, XC and GP 250 and 300 models to be marketed by the brand

Rieju Enduro

RIEJU is to brand and sell the EC, XC and GP, 250-300cc enduro machines previously built by trials specialists GasGas.

The deal has been reached after KTM, who acquired a 60% stake in GasGas in 2019, will now begin to supply its own engine and chassis tech to GasGas’ range of enduro machines. With that joint venture making the firms current range of enduro bikes almost obsolete, a deal was struck to see Rieju take over the production, branding and distribution of the machines.

Production will begin under the Rieju banner this June, with production continuing at the Girona base in northern Spain that GasGas called home.

Speaking about the deal, Jordi Riera, CEO of RIEJU, said:

“This agreement allows RIEJU an immediate presence in the off-road competition segment with larger capacity machines than usual for Rieju, as well as a significant expansion of our client portfolio, and important openings to new markets.”

“We are very excited for this new adventure and the enormous challenge that this entails. We have enormous experience in our design, manufacture and distribution structure, so we are convinced that this project will be a success for our company.”

Rieju has been building bikes, primarily small capacity scooters, mopeds and off-road machines, for 75 years. The firm claims to currently manufacture more than 12,000 motorcycles annually in its facilities in Figueres near Barcelona and exports 85% of its production to more than 40 countries. As yet it’s unclear as to how the new machines will be priced compared to GasGas.

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